Scholarship Application

All full time, incoming students to the Tyler School of Art & Division of Architecture and Environmental Design for the Fall semester are eligible for participation in the portfolio scholarship competition.

Freshman BFA, Visual Studies, Art Therapy and Art Education students must pass a review before February 1st in order to be eligible for portfolio scholarship consideration. For Transfer applicants, all materials including the portfolio must be submitted by February 1st as well.

All scholarship applicants must complete their application to Tyler and Temple and submit a self-portrait before February 1st. Freshman applicants who completed a review in person, must upload 10 pieces to the scholarship section of (one of the ten must be a self portrait), while all applicants who submitted a portfolio on Slideroom will have their first 10 pieces automatically entered.

Please email or call us at 215-777-9090 with any questions regarding the scholarship competition.

The Self-Portrait

The Self-Portrait should be an original work of art of any media. This drawing is not considered part of your portfolio, but it is required as part of your scholarship application for Tyler.

The Self-Portrait must be submitted through SlideRoom on or before February 1st.

​​Required Questions on SlideRoom

All freshman and transfer applicants interested in being considered for a portfolio scholarship must answer these three questions about their art practice and intent to study art on SlideRoom. The questions will prompt you to describe your aspirations, goals, and/or why you are choosing art as a discipline. 

The questions are below:

  1. How can Tyler School of Art support you in your personal and professional goals?

  2. Can you describe the process of making a piece you were really proud of?

  3. Who or what influenced you to pursue an art education?