Portfolio Merit Scholarship Application Requirements

Any full-time, incoming, fall semester undergraduate applicants to the Tyler School of Art and Architecture are eligible for portfolio merit scholarship consideration. 

Tyler Portfolio Merit Scholarship: all Tyler applicants who submit a portfolio via Temple SlideRoom will automatically be considered. If submitting more than 10 images, only the first 10 will be considered for scholarship consideration. These scholarships are awarded based on creative merit, need or a combination of the two. Scholarships are tuition based and are dependent upon available funding. Portfolios must be received in Slideroom no later than February 1. As part of your scholarship submission, Tyler asks that each applicant answer the following questions:

  • How can Tyler support you in reaching your academic, personal and professional goals?
  • Please choose a project and describe your process. This can be a project that you are especially proud of because of the discoveries and innovations that arose from the project. Your response may include difficult projects where you learned from unexpected results or failures. 
  • Who or what inspired you to pursue an art, design or built environment education? How or why did this make an impact?

We encourage projects that present clear, cohesive ideas that go beyond technique. Be bold and inventive, experiment, take risks - show us what makes you different! Applicants to Architecture & Environmental Design and Art History programs are encouraged to include any creative or process based work, social justice or research projects completed in the last two years.