Tatjana Pavićević, MFA 2017

Thesis Exhibition: April 12- April 15, 2017

Opening Reception : April 14, 6-8pm

Untitled, detail, 2016, Monotype and etching on mulberry and kitakata paper

Untitled, 2016, Monotype on mulberry paper, 25"x40"

Artist Statement

An examination of humanity grew from a human disaster I was consumed by during my adolescence. War and its accompanying realities melded with my incipient understandings of self, culture, life, and the human condition. It created an experience that has informed and directed my engagement with environment. My most perplexing recognition has been of our species’ barbaric conduct within a perpetual state of violence. Strata of human experience are revealed in my work through textures, patterns, and the process itself. My process embodies a search for internal balance. It captures a moment of displacement and the oddity of existence within physical and temporal parameters.