Toan Vuong, MFA 2018

Thesis Exhibition: March 14-17, 2018

Opening Reception: March 16, 6-8pm



Sunrises 02


Sunrises 01

Artist Statement

The importance of art for me has always been ontological. Art has always been a type of therapy that has helped reconcile the push and pull that life presents and the dualities between self-awareness and uncertainty. It enables me to step in between familiarity and what is subconsciously obscured. In the course of working and experimenting with printmaking, the rhetoric of my work examines the relationship and dialogue between myself and the prints that I make.

Drawings, printmaking, and photography are all modes for leaving a trace. The mark to me is something which accumulates to build a coherent language. Scaling images, enlarging them or shrinking them, helps me exercise different ‘ways of looking’. Producing large images that are fragmented and assembled is also a way of mimicking how fractured realities are shaped over the course of our lives. The pictorial space eventually either becomes something that make sense as a familiar image or they become unrecognizable and absurd. Depending on the size and my proximity to the work, one perspective doesn’t always come into recognition until I change my position in relation to the piece. Yet each vantage point provides an interesting and diverse ways of looking at the same thing.

These types of practices are ways I reflect on an inner psychology that is sometimes otherwise difficult to put into words. It is that marriage between rational and absurd ways of looking at the work which fascinates me. The feeling of crossing the threshold from the state of dreaming into a world with its own set of logic is what I try to reverberate within my work. 


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