Troy Holleman, MFA 2017

Thesis Exhibition: April 12- April 15, 2017

Opening Reception : April 14, 6-8pm

Not safe

Looking Glass

Artist Statement

I am a Philadelphia based artist.  My art practice is inspired by the frequency of loss of those close to me.  This frequency has kept mortality at the forefront of my consciousness which I use the emotional toll as fuel for my making and research.  My academic research has taken me across an array of cultures into contemporary and ancient rituals involving mortality.  Most recently my research has been in Nordic and Pagan ideologies.  I create bodies of work based on those anthropological rituals and theories transforming them into metaphorical and poetic expressions. The form is dictated by the subject matter ranging from to framed digital photographic print, sculpture, video installations, and beyond.  Through the use of various media, I create a world that the viewer immerses themselves in to ask them questions about their own comprehension of mortality.  Each piece in these various bodies of works is designed to guide the viewer to a different experience inspired by how various cultures make sense of our existence.