Tyler's 2022 Commencement

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A message from Susan E. Cahan, Dean of Tyler School of Art and Architecture

"As you move forward into your careers and life-long journeys, remember that each day offers you new opportunities to learn." 


Meet our Student Speakers

  Tyler Ray, photo credit Joseph V. Labolito


Temple Commencement Speaker: Tyler A. Ray, BS '22, City & Regional Planning and Community Development Major

Tyler Ray, born and raised in North Philadelphia, reflects on his decision to go to school in his own backyard. "Attending Temple allowed me to stay rooted to my North Philly neighborhood and allow me to become more fully engaged into the community development and historic preservation efforts that are currently underway in this neighborhood. I believe with my Tyler School of Art and Architecture education, I have gained the confidence to take initiative to lead further community development and preservation projects that North Philadelphia needs."

Nominated as commencement speaker by Chair of Planning & Community Development Assistant Professor Jeffrey Doshna, Ray says this achievement feels like an honor, given the circumstances of the last handful of years. "When tasked with writing the speech, I could only think of how I couldn't believe we made it despite all the hardships most college students face, in addition to a global pandemic, civil unrest, and a tumultuous presidential election. Having the chance to speak at commencement allows me to resonate with so many other Temple students who possibly believed that they wouldn't be able to see graduation due to all the societal extenuating circumstances."

As for his next steps, Ray hopes to work at a private firm or a non-profit organization that specializes in urban design and historic preservation projects. During his time at Tyler, he was involved in a preservation project with North Philadelphia's Church of the Advocate. "I have a deep passion for creating 'spaces' where communities can gather. It's in these 'spaces' where the finest arts, activism, and cultures are created. I believe that this city is sadly moving in the wrong direction by not properly funding these community spaces, or by demolishing historic properties that communities hold dear. Communities have their individual characteristics which makes them unique, and I would like to take a role in preserving their individuality to inspire that next generation of creators."


Hannah Pang, photo credit Emily Herbein


Tyler Commencement Speaker: Hannah Pang, BFA '22, Graphic and Interactive Design Major

Hannah Pang moved from California specifically to attend Tyler, delighted by the interdisciplinary nature of the curriculum's freshman "foundation" year, and the connectedness carried over through the pandemic and virtual learning experiences.  "My freshman year experience was so different from my junior year. The faculty and community still tried to stay close through COVID, which I really appreciate. And regardless, it feels like a family here. There are people from freshman and sophomore year that I’ve taken intro classes with who I see how good they are at what they do now. They’ve found their direction at Tyler and it’s nice to see. It's culminated into a very sweet ending."

Pang spoke about her excitement and honor about being chosen as Tyler's commencement speaker. "I never thought that I would be a public speaker or get the opportunity to represent Tyler and GAID in that way, but I’m so honored to. A professor said to me that it’s been so many years since a GAID student got to speak at commencement. I’m so blessed that Tyler and the faculty have noticed me as a student, and it feels like hard work has paid off. I’m excited to represent Tyler and the art side of art and architecture."

Since exploring the GAID program — and tacking on an Art History minor — Pang gravitated toward the experimental side of design during her time at Tyler. "I feel like design and a designer's role in history is to be a scribe. In a contemporary sense, it’s all about visual communication. I’ve always had 2D work, I love books and bookmaking, and I’d love to work in publishing one day rather than the branding side of graphic design."

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