Wensi Huang

April 28-May 1

The Bond I
3D printed resin, oil, pigment, magnets, 120 x 107 x 57mm

Support IV
Stainless steel wire, nylon, 130 x 90 x 25mm

Artist Statement

My project is based on inquiry into a primary human psychological requirement—the desire for security. I work with digital technologies, such as 3-D printing, and traditional hand-craftsmanship to explore the effect of relationships among parents and their children, and to present my understanding of security.

The scaffolding structures present to the viewer an understanding of the mental and emotional support of their family or other intimate companion. These supports include affection, comfort, attention, and acceptance—which all lead to security—while the anatomical forms remind us of the organ or tissue that lead to a new life, which represent the origin of an intimate relationship and the invisible tight-knit bond behind it.