Xi Cheng, MFA 2020

April 8-11, 2020

Opening Reception: April 10th, 6-8pm


Vegetopia, Dec 2019, App Prototype,1080x1920px

Artist Statement

I am an ambitious and motivated interactive and UI/UX designer. I have a background in multiple academic fields including Visual Communications, Accounting, and Graphic and Interactive Design. I enjoy utilizing these skills in order to create a visual language and solutions for complex problems while exploring different cultures across the world.

My passion for design comes from my culture and family’s influence. Born and raised in China, I vividly remember my grandfather’s large collection of Chinese calligraphy and Western oil paintings and how much they inspired me even as a young child, culminating with a deep exploration of these techniques and mediums before moving on to college. After earning a degree in Accounting, I went on to pursue a masters degree in in Web Design in San Francisco. Pursuing an education in this field of study broadened my horizons in many ways, sparking an interest in interactive and user experience design, which led to my pursuit of a second masters degree in Graphic and Interactive Design at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. 

I have been lucky enough to experience many different cultures, lifestyles, and education opportunities throughout my life, and this shows in my work as I combine Chinese and Western design techniques, strategies, and styles in order to successfully complete projects that reach my target audience. I believe that good design can make the world more beautiful, empower audiences to think creatively and autonomously, and change people's understanding of the world. I pride myself on being able to realize and execute a variety of complex ideas, and thrive in a challenging environment that presents new problems to solve.