Yang Shan Chou, MFA 2019

April 10 - 13, 2019

Opening Reception April 12, 6-8pm

Artist Statement

I find myself intrigued by interactive design because of the seemingly magical power it has to make the world more convenient and enable us to access knowledge with ease. The power of technology to communicate is inestimable. Thoughtful and creative application of technology can make life soar by facilitating communication and learning as a whole. Poor application of technology can prevent communication or, worse, confuse messaging. Solving problems clearly and creatively is the bedrock of my design philosophy. Studying abroad in the United States, I found opportunities to explore a much wider range of design applications than I would have had the opportunity to do in my home country, Taiwan. I was continually impressed by how willing people were to experiment with different ideas and to reach outside of the design discipline for inspiration. For example, I saw one student who was majoring in printmaking use multiple disciplines—such as painting, sculpture and ceramics—to enhance her work for her major courses. Also, the broad and inclusive problem-solving approach to design that I encountered in the United States has fundamentally changed my view of the design process and its application to society.