Yuye Zhang

April 28-May 1

3D printed resin, silver, EKG note

Resin, EKG note

Artist Statement

My work explores the interaction between body and spiritual awareness reflected in our culture, lifestyles, and especially medical experience. I use jewelry not only as adornment, but also as a medium making visible the infinite possibilities of life, growth, movement, and fluctuation within our bodies. The utilization of medical implements allows me to make my jewelry directly attached to body parts interacting with body movement, arousing unconscious associations and feelings about the placement of the object.

Throughout the experience of abnormal conditions, such as disability, injury, and disease, how we sense the world has been changed, which evokes the understanding of how the body and spiritual world are mutually assisted and limited. My work presents these relationships by mimicking body structures via digital modeling such as bones, cells, and nerve systems. Throughout my studio practice, 3D printing allows small units to be assembled and organized into numerous shapes, which create the opportunity for people to interact with my pieces. While assembling, touching, and wearing those pieces, the awareness of how bodies and jewelry are related to each other can be brought in front of the curtain.