Zero de Sousa Costa, MFA 2017

Thesis Exhibition: April 12- April 15, 2017

Opening Reception : April 14, 6-8pm


Artist Statement

Gwuppy (Ga-waH: Pee) Adjective:

  1. Gammie, White, Puppy or Child.
  2. A mixed race child, that passes as white, but grows up without realizing it. Unaware of distinction until scolded otherwise.
  3. A misfit. Outsider. Vagabond.
  4. “Taint this and taint that.”


Dwaal (/dwa:l) Noun:

  1. A dreamy, dazed, or absent minded state. -To be delirious/To mutter deliriously.
  2. Error, heresy; doubt; madman, deceiver, heretic
  3. Dazed, stupor; deception, trickery; delusion; error, wrong-doing, evil.


Gwuppy is in Dwaal, and Dwaal is everywhere. It is the shadow that holds to your boot heels. That pins to your soles. It is the other side of being, the proof of another world that holds up the curtains; sweeping the floors while you were sleeping.


Gwuppy is not me, Gwuppy is not you. Gwuppy is not black or white or green or yellow, blue or red. Gwuppy is the missing pieces to every puzzle that has a missing piece. A box of lost things, a full picture of a place you don’t remember but know is familiar.


Gwuppy makes things for Dwaal and Dwaal is everywhere. The rules you know don't quite apply;  “No” just means “Yes” with modifications... or whatever helps you sleep at night. Dwaal is all for you, and it is all for me, and it is waiting patiently for you to arrive.

Something comes from nothing and nothing comes from something. This world and what we love comes from the annihilations and creations. Walls and wrecking balls. Dwaal will always be there, as long as you blink and as long as you think- it is where you will find Gwuppy playing in the halls.