Zoe Berg, MFA 2018

Thesis Exhibition: February 28 - March 3, 2018

Opening Reception: March 2, 6-8pm



Today is the Winter Solstice 02, 2017

Video still from GoPro docuentation of installation


Today is the Winter Solstice 01, 2017

Multimedia Insillation at Randall Theater

Dimensions variable

Photo: Cristhian Varela


Artist Statement

I glean, inserting overlooked, personal material into a matriarchal line.  This line is drawn as a squiggle, a wave, a coastline, a circle.  This line forms a never-ending itinerary where each installation marks a point along the journey.  My installations are stages for performances, combining video, objects, and audio.  I read personal maps and texts aloud, leading the viewer through a meandering journey.  My grandmother and great-grandmother guide the creation of the work, and while their influence is not always clear, I return to it as a point of departure.