Art History Resources

The Tyler School of Art and Architecture’s dynamic space encourages the interaction of the various departments within the school and promotes unprecedented synergy between art historical study, studio practice, and exhibition design, highlighted by Temple Contemporary—Tyler's visionary center for exhibitions and public programs.

The Department of Art History has been a leader within the Tyler School of Art and Architecture and Temple University in its commitment to state-of-the-art digital technologies. In addition to having fully digital, multimedia smart classrooms, the department pioneered implementation of the Gallery (MDID) image database (through the Visual Resource Center) and its linkage to the university's online Canvas course management system.

Students and faculty also have access to ARTSTOR and other image databases housed within the Temple University Library Digital Collections. Temple’s Loretta C. Duckworth Scholars Studio (formerly the Digital Scholarship Center) provides a space for collaborative work and individual research, offering technology for textual analysis, working with big data, working in and creating 3-D spaces, geospatial technology, games, visualizations and more.

Our location in Philadelphia provides access to excellent resources for the study and enjoyment of art, thanks to the rich and diverse landscape of visual arts institutions in the city and the region. Additionally, Tyler’s exhibitions and public programs space, Temple Contemporary, offers opportunities to observe curatorial practice.

Lecture programs and symposia bring leading art historians, artists and theoreticians to Tyler; university-wide programming offers access to scholars across every discipline and field.