7th Annual Art Market

This 7th annual Art Market at Tyler is a nonprofit art and craft fair designed to support the regional arts community by providing artists, artist collectives, students and businesses who serve artists a venue for sale of work, self-promotion and networking (see below for a list of this year's participants). The Tyler School of Art at Temple University provides an easily accessible space for holiday shoppers and collectors to find new works by emerging and established artists. Visitors will enjoy complimentary food and drinks from Victory Brewing Company during our Crafts & Drafts” happy hour, and the chance to participate in maker classes and demonstrations.

Registration is not required but is encouraged, to do so visit: WWW.ALUMNI.TEMPLE.EDU/ARTMARKET18

Adam Ledford*
Adorned by Aisha
Ah Ha Brands
Art Star*
As the Crow Flies & Co*
Autumn Veggiemon & Jackie R.*
Brett D Williams*
Center for Creative Works
Eva E. Glassworks*
Forge & Finish*
funnyserious by Cathy Rubin
Hilary Hertzler
Joseph Edgerton Krause
LeMieux Books*
Leni Hoch*
Light Bird Crafts*
Lucia Rose Alber*
Lydia Smith
Maryanne Pollock*
MESC Designs
Michele Judge*
Michele Tremblay, artist*
My Fat Maggie*
Old Blood Jewelry & Wears
Patrick Hay*
Revival Vintage*
Sarah Draws Things
Second State Press*
Stanley Chester & Albert Ceramics*
Steph Kimmel*
The 50/50 Company
The Print Center*
Tyler Bookbinding Club
Tyler Ceramics Collective
Tyler Fiber & Material Studies
Tyler GAID
Tyler Glass Guild
Tyler Photo Club
Tyler Print Guild
Tyler Sculpture
Wrong World Ceramics

     * Temple University alumni artist