Artist Talk: Hannah Chalew

Hannah Chalew creates artwork that explores what it means to live in a time of global warming with a collective uncertain future; grounded in the specificity of what’s at stake in the Southern Louisiana landscape where she lives. Her practice explores the historical legacies that got us here to help imagine new possibilities for a livable future. In this lecture, Chalew will discuss her recent body of work, the research that informs her art, and her approach to pursuing an environmentally sustainable studio practice.

Be sure to check out Chalew's Paper Making Workshop in Tyler's Courtyard on April 12.

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photo: Hannah Chalew, Pipelandia, Metal, sugarcane, plastic, lime, recycled paint, living plants, soil, paper made from sugarcane combined with shredded disposable plastic waste (“plasticane”), iron oak gall ink, ink made from shells, 2021. Courtesy of the artist.
  • Date & Time

    04/11/22, 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
  • Location

    Arch 104 and Virtual
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