Buell Kratzer Powell 1996-2016: The Only Constant is Change

As a founding principal of Buell Kratzer Powell ltd, Joseph Powell brings to every project varied and rewarding programming, design and masterplanning experience. Characterized by a respect for history, an insightful approach to the possibilities of each site and an understanding of client needs, Powell’s work has gained national recognition for excellence. His responsibilities include management, design leadership and marketing of the firm’s library, community development, recreation and commercial projects.

Powell understands that the best architecture results from an intrinsic knowledge and reflection of each building’s purpose, time, and place. His genuine care and concern for his clients’ needs educes projects that become sources of owner and public pride.

Powell spent his early career designing small, highly-detailed projects for several firms. In 1991, he entered and won an international design competition for the Evanston, Illinois, Public Library. The award prompted him to found his namesake firm, Joseph Powell & Associates. The Evanston project earned numerous professional accolades and established Powell as both a library expert and an imaginative architect. When Powell joined partners Duncan Buell and Darrell Kratzer to form Buell Kratzer Powell in 1996, the new firm embraced his method-to-excellence research philosophy.

  • Date & Time

    2017-02-02 6:00pm to 8:00pm
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    Architecture Gallery 104
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