J.J. McCracken Visiting Artist Lecture

J.J. McCracken creates messy situations where performers grovel for access to resources. They
are socially disconnected and eternally hungry. They are martyrs, misanthropes, thieves, ghosts,
and the wronged.

Absurd and often painful tasks are endured as stress cracks form and failures reveal the body's
limitations. Wet, shivering, clay-covered women eat potatoes made of clay for hours; blindfolded
women hoard water, hauling it in pots that leak or break; a timekeeper fills a one-directional
hourglass that slowly drains.

Built from the details of extensive research, these characters interrogate our corporate, political,
and social landscapes while examining the artist’s own patterns of consumption. Recurring
themes include malnutrition, water rights, free speech, and shouldering the weight of passing