Consortium on Women, Marriage and the Household: A Conference on Women's Work

The inaugural conference of the interdisciplinary consortium on Women, Marriage, and the Household focuses on “Women’s Work” and features cutting-edge research from the disciplines of Art History, Classics, Media & Communications, English, History, and Religion. In keeping with the University’s mission to develop knowledge in the service of the community, we have designed our program around accessibility and relevance to community members from the Philadelphia area.

The categories of “marriage” and “household” are starting points for the investigation of women within and outside these spheres. With talks ranging from antiquity to the present day, our speakers approach the material from a variety of theoretical stances: marriage, domesticity, economics, and politics expand the conceptual boundaries of the household. Our keynote speaker is the renowned medievalist Theresa Earenfight, Professor in the Department of History at Seattle University and the world’s acknowledged expert in queenship and political power. 


9:00am Breakfast and Welcome (Jaclyn Neel and Karen Hersch)

9:15am Opening Remarks (Judy Hallett)

9:30-10:30am - PANEL ONE (Donnalyn Pompper and Carissa Harris)

10:30-10:45am - Coffee Break

10:45-11:45am - PANEL TWO (Kathleen Kennedy and Beth Womack)

12-1:30pm - Lunch and Student Presentations

1:30-3pm - PANEL THREE (Karen Hersch, Rita Krueger and Jane DeRose Evans)

3:15-4:15pm - PANEL FOUR (Jaclyn Neel and Vasiliki Limberis)

4:15-4:30pm - Coffee Break

4:30-5:30pm - Keynote Address: "Creating a Blended Culture: Spanish Noble Women in Catherine of Aragon's Household in Tudor London," Theresa Earenfight (The Leonard Mellman Distinguished Lecture)