Guerilla Alturism x Guestwork

Meet the collaborators of Guestwork, Erin Charpentier and Travis Neel, This artist collective will begin a week long critique of ally politics. Guestwork will be working with Tyler School of Art and Tyler’s Architecture students to develop questions revolving allyship, that will be used to develop mobile voting structures. These structures will be on display at Temple Contemporary through Dec. 12


Guestwork in one of the many partnerships between Erin Charpentier and Travis Neel. All of our work is produced in collaboration with others. We work with artists, organizations and other publics to produce projects. As socially engaged artists and serial collaborators, we are deeply invested in developing our capacity to cooperate with others. Our working process is imbued with feminist values of care, cooperation, horizontal decision making, solidarity, transparency, and considered distribution of labor. We produce projects, events, exhibitions, and publications that allow us to unpack power dynamics and test our idealism in the politics of everyday life. For us, art is a useful territory for exercising the muscles of the collective imagination and a vehicle for exploring new ways of being together in the world.

Photo courtesy of Guestwork

  • Date & Time

    2016-09-19 10:00am to 2016-09-23 6:00pm
  • Location

    Temple Contemporary