LA-Hort Spring 2018 Lecture Series: Daniel Winterbottom, RLA, FASLA - via WebEx Cultivating Community/Harvesting Health

WebEx Event in Learning Center Room 306, Ambler Campus, Temple University Wednesday, March 28, 2018 12.45pm – 1.45pm

Using the design/build participatory design model, this presentation will demonstrate how through design/build students are embedded into a community and conversely the community is invited into the Ivory Tower to collaborate across barriers and address community health and equity concerns. As a strengthened link between design and craft, issues of theory vs experiential, representation vs making and advocacy vs place transformation will be addressed. Using case studies from the University of Washington Design/build program future study abroad design/build program future study abroad design/build opportunities in Sweden and Croatia available for students at Temple will be presented. 

Bio: Daniel Winterbottom, RLA, FASLA, is a Professor at University of Washington and holds a BLA, Tufts University and MLA, Harvard GSD. His research focuses on the connections between ecological and human health and between nature and physiological and psychological well-being. His has created many healing/restorative gardens for children with disabilities and suffering from illnesses. He articles have appeared in Northwest Public Health, Places, the New York Times, Seattle Times and Landscape Architecture Magazine.

Contact Info: Daniel Winterbottom, Professor University of Washington, 302 Gould, Box 355734, Seattle WA 98195-5734 Phone: 206 616 1876 Email:

  • Date & Time

    2018-03-28 12:45pm to 1:45pm
  • Location

    WebEx Event in Ambler Campus Learning Center Room 306