Master’s in Landscape Architecture (MLArch) Studio Visits and Information Sessions

Tyler Landscape Architecture’s annual studio visits and information sessions provide an opportunity to see the design processes and thinking of current graduate students firsthand in Tyler’s Master of Landscape Architecture Program. 

Join us for an information session on the Master's in Landscape Architecture Program (MLArch) in Tyler School of Art and Architecture. 
The MLArch program, accredited by LAAB, and which emphasizes ecological restoration will be explained. More information about that is here: 
                                                                               Temple University MLArch Graduate Bulletin
The curriculum sequence for pre and post-professional tracks and part-time options will also be discussed. You can view these options here: 
                                                                           MLArch Suggested Academic Plans


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  • Date & Time

    2020-02-12 4:00pm to 6:00pm
  • Location

    Ambler Campus - Widener Bldg., Room 213
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