Natural Dyeing with Common Plants Workshop (2/2)

Please join us for a Natural Dyeing with Common Plants workshop.  We will visit the Temple Community Garden where the Fibers and Material Studies students and staff planted marigolds, tomatoes, onions, zinnias, and sunflowers. We will harvest plants for natural dyeing and apply mordant to animal and vegetable fibers, on Tuesday, October 15th. We will prepare the baths and dye on Tuesday, October 22nd. Participants will create small-scale fabric and yarn studies. It is recommended you attend both workshop dates.

Please note: Wool, silk, and cotton yield the best results. The Temple University bookstore sells a variety of ready to dye fabrics. 

  • Date & Time

    2013-10-22 6:30pm
  • Location

    Fibers and Material Studies Studio, Suite 250, Tyler School of Art