Pennsylvania Art Education Association Conference 2014


Presentations and Presenters

Papercuts: Create a Web of Life, Associate Professor Wendy Osterweil

Create paper cuts inspired by forms and patterns of Pennsylvania endangered species. Participants make pie–shaped paper cuts to form a large circular web. Take away artwork, interdisciplinary curricular connections, and resource handouts.


Per/Forming Transformative Art Pedagogy: Adolescent Girl’s ‘Her Stories, Assistant Professor Dr. Lisa Kay

Given the amount of trauma and violence in our schools, art teachers need an alternative method of engaging with adolescents. Come experience Her Stories and learn about transformational art pedagogy. 


Student–Centered, Theme–Based Pedagogy at a High School for At–Risk Students, Barbara Bjerring MED Graduate Student

An experiment in art teaching methods at a small Buddhist High School for at–risk students uses a student–centered approach that leads to rich and powerful theme–based works of art.


Graffiteach: Inspiring Children Without Classrooms, Alyssa Leinweber. MED Graduate Student

Graffiteach is a project launched in Indonesia to help educate street children. Volunteers create lessons using graffiti in hopes to inspire children’s imaginations and trigger their pursuit of education


Awards and Recognitions

Katrina Rakowski, MED graduate student, will be awarded the Clyde M. McGeary Scholarship Award in addition to the numerous faculty and students presenting at this year's PAEA conference in Seven Springs, PA.