Philadelphia Sculpture Gym: Te(a)ch Exhibition

First Friday in April! Come check out some amazing work Philadelphia Sculpture Gym's  Te(a)ch exhibition! They have techs representing PAFA, UArts, Tyler, Moore and Philadelphia Community College!
Artists include:
Kristin Lee Deady (Tyler Glass)
Loo Bain (Tyler Fibert and Material Studies)
Tim Rusterholz (Tyler Sculpture)
John Williams (Tyler Ceramics)
Tyler Kline
Wes Valdez 
John Greig Jr.
Ann Klicka
Morgan Dummitt
Roberta Massuch
John Pompetti

These instructors do much more than just shop upkeep. They spend time working with students and commit themselves to educating the younger artists in our community, putting other’s time and artwork ahead of their own. Te(a)ch will present the artwork of these educators in a group exhibition, demonstrating that these techs are more than the title they hold. They are extraordinarily talented artists themselves!


  • Date & Time

    2015-04-03 6:00pm
  • Location

    Philadelphia Sculpture Gym, 1834 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania