Student Exhibition

REMAKE REVISE, Fibers and Material Studies Department Show


The Off Loom II class within the Fibers and Material Studies department was given the opportunity to curate an exhibition that shows what it means to work within the medium of fiber. The works on display demonstrate evidence of the hand, an evolution of process and thought, and are accompanied by their samples. These samples, notes, drawings, writings, and tests assist the artist with the development of their process and in turn, contribute to the completion of each work. The idea of sampling within an art practice is very prevalent under the umbrella of Fibers and Material Studies because so much emphasis is put on exploration and experimentation. Often times, artists do not have an opportunity to share these unique first steps that are taken when working through the early ideas and stages of creating a work. These initial gestures are so important to the artist which is why the Off Loom II students chose to incorporate them into the show. Remake Revise gives the viewer an intimate glimpse of what can be seen happening in our studio and asks them to observe the connections between an artist’s raw first attempts and a finalized piece of artwork.


  Please join us for the opening reception on Thursday, November 5th from 6 - 8pm!