Sections and Social Intensifications: The Work of LTL Architects: David Lewis, Principal at LTL Architects Lewis. Tsurumaki. Lewis

David J. Lewis, AIA, is founding principal of LTL Architects, a design intensive
architecture firm founded in 1997 with Paul Lewis and Marc Tsurumaki, located
in New York City, and is an Associate Professor of Architecture at Parsons, and
Adjunct Professor at the University of Limerick, Ireland. David will make an
argument, through the recent work of his office, for an architecture of social
intensification. At a time when digital technology and social media consumes
more of our attention and time, segregated into self-selected niches and
polarized crowds, David will make the case that architecture is now in a unique
position of reasserting physical and public space as a necessary stage for
dialogue and engagement.