Tanya Aguiñiga Artist Talk

Tanya Aguiñiga is a Los Angeles based furniture designer/maker raised inTijuana, Mexico. Tanya’s work is informed by border experiences: the interconnectedness of societies, the beauty in struggle and the celebration of culture. Aguiñiga uses furniture as a way to translate emotions into a three dimensional objects and tell stories trough color and touch. She encourages users to reconsider the objects they use on a daily basis by creating work that explores an objects’ unseen aspect, such as half chairs that rely on the wall to function and whose image is only complete as its shadow is cast upon the wall. She has dedicated much of her time to using art as a vehicle for community empowerment. 

Tanya Aguiñiga will be speaking about her current work, that uses craft as a performative medium to generate dialogues about identity, culture and gender while creating community. This approach has helped Museums and non-profits in the United States and Mexico diversify their audiences by connecting marginalized communities through collaboration.