Graduate Students

MFA in Fibers in Material Studies

The Graduate program in Fibers & Material Studies allows for time and space to develop a rigorous studio practice. With guidance from our diverse faculty, students work independently to develop a practice grounded in a conceptual awareness of key discourses within the critical study of fibers and materials, such as labor, economy, globalization, cultural appropriation, Do-it-Yourself and sustainability, gender and feminism, and women’s global and historical role in textile production. In conjunction with a committee of advisers that students select from across the university, students meet one on one to develop their work and receive critical feedback. Students are also expected to take Art History classes and seminars that engage emerging topics in the field, the broader art world, and social and political inquiry. Students have opportunities for teaching assistantships, hosting visiting artists, and participation in our Jacquard Artist-in-Residence Program. Our program embraces a broad definition of material exploration, from more traditional ways of making, to community-based projects, to experimental performance, sound, and video work. 

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Please contact program head Jesse Harrod for more information about the MFA program.