Degrees Offered

BFA in Ceramics

No undergraduate ceramics program in the nation offers students the Tyler School of Art’s unparalleled combination of accessibility, diversity, technology, collaboration, affordability, professional preparation and—most of all—opportunity for creative exploration and growth. It starts with Tyler’s world-class faculty, a community of passionate teachers and researchers who are committed to one-on-one mentorship and pushing students to stretch themselves.

“Students with a Tyler BFA degree leave this extraordinarily diverse place with far more than a deep understanding and skill as Ceramic artists,” says Chad Curtis, associate professor and leader of the Ceramics Program. “Thanks to our teachers, our technology and our collaborative environment, they will leave with two priceless assets: the ability to think critically and a transferrable skill set that will help them function as high-level professionals in any discipline.”

The home base for the Tyler undergraduate experience is the school’s expansive, state-of-the-art facilities. Tyler’s Ceramics studios are always buzzing with activity and excitement. Students have access to the latest tech, from 3-D printers (including a ceramic printer) to a variety of CNC mills, laser cutters, digital embroiderers and other tools. Beyond the Ceramics studio, our students’ academic and creative lives are enriched by Tyler’s computer lab, art history lab, woodshop, digital fabrication lab, Architecture facilities and more, not to mention the extraordinary resources of Temple University, one of the nation’s great urban public universities.

Tyler pushes students to draw on the energy and resources of our home city of Philadelphia, one of the world’s leading art centers. Students attend lectures and exhibitions at museums and galleries, participate in community art projects and earn high-profile internships.


BFA in Ceramics with Entrepreneurial Studies

In partnership with the Fox School of Business at Temple, the Tyler School of Art offers a BFA with Entrepreneurial Studies degree in all BFA major disciplines. The BFA with Entrepreneurial Studies is a 126-credit degree program integrating the disciplines of art and entrepreneurship. Program coursework includes 68 credit hours of art and art-related courses (including a three-credit Tyler business, entrepreneurship or internship course); 14 credits of art history; 32 credits of Gen Ed; three credits of open electives and nine credits of Fox entrepreneurship coursework. The BFA with Entrepreneurial Studies prepares students with the requisite skills for entrepreneurship in their respective studio discipline and necessary preparation to pursue graduate studies in their studio discipline, in entrepreneurship or in similar professions upon graduation.

MFA in Ceramics

Tyler’s internationally recognized graduate faculty brings a reputation for excellence in research, studio practice and teaching with a broad range of attitudes and philosophic positions. The educational atmosphere at Tyler is characterized by a system of mentorship that encourages diversity, individual direction and a rigorous exchange of ideas and creative challenges.

“What drives the direction of work here is the interest of the student, not the interest of the faculty member,” says Chad Curtis, who leads Tyler’s Ceramics program and is chair of the Crafts Department. “The way that becomes revealed is through one-on-one mentorship—a dialog informed by an understanding of who the student is and where they’re coming from. The goal is more than mastery. Students here are challenged. They’re pushed to take intellectual risks. At Tyler Ceramics, it’s not just about the work itself, it’s about growth.”

To help students grow, Tyler’s spacious, state-of-the-art facilities have the full suite of ceramics tools and tech, from CNC mills and laser cutters to 3-D printers, including a ceramic 3-D printer. These technologies are integrated directly into the ceramics studio, working in tandem with traditional tools.

The Tyler Ceramics MFA experience is defined by a sense of community—an extended family that creates opportunities for collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas in the studio and in Philadelphia, one of the most vibrant (and affordable) arts centers in the world. In addition to students, faculty and Tyler’s many accomplished alumni in the region, our community includes a rotating roster of resident artists as well as long-standing relationships in the city with the Clay Studio, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Craft Now, the Fabric Workshop and Museum, the Center for Art in Wood and a rich network of galleries, exhibition spaces and collectors in Philadelphia and in the nearby cities of New York, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.