Lecture Series

Critical Dialogues Series presents: Alex Da Corte

Alex Da Corte works across a range of media, including video, performance, installation, painting and sculpture. He regularly combines high-and low-brow American cultural references from branded domestic items to figures from popular culture—to explore and interrogate personal and cultural politics, alienation and the psychological parameters of the human experience.

Critical Dialogues Presents: Glenn Adamson

Glenn Adamson is a curator, writer and historian. His work is dedicated to respect for makers of all kinds—whether they see themselves as artists, designers or craftspeople.

Critical Dialogues Series Presents: Miguel Aragon

Miguel A. Aragón’s works explore violence, transient and/or persistent memory, perception and the multiple. He uses erasure as language through the use of processes that are reductive in nature. He is an assistant professor in printmaking at the CUNY College of Staten Island.

In partnership with Tyler's Printmaking Program.

Critical Dialogues Series Presents: Michelle Angela Ortiz

Michelle Angela Ortiz is a visual artist, muralist and arts educator who uses her art as a vehicle to represent people and communities whose histories are often lost or co-opted. Her work transforms spaces, revealing the strength and spirit of the community and creates opportunities for important dialogues.

Critical Dialogues Series Presents: Hasan Elahi

Hasan Elahi is an artist whose work examines issues of surveillance, citizenship, migration, transport and the challenges of borders and frontiers. He is professor and director of the School of Art at George Mason University.

The Critical Dialogues Series Presents: Jeanne Vaccaro

Jeanne Vaccaro is an arts writer, curator and fellow at the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives at the USC Libraries and the USC Dornsife Gender & Sexuality Studies Department. She co-founded and co-organizes the New York City Trans Oral History Project—a community archive partnership with the New York Public Library. Over two visits, Vaccaro will work with students and discuss the role of the artist and archival research in practice—whether it’s material or process-led experimentation, contextualization within a body of text and/or imagery, among other forms.

Image by T. Boucher and courtesy of Jeanne Vaccaro.

Critical Dialogues Series Presents: Rebecca Rutstein and Erik Cordes

Brought together by a common interest in the deep sea, multi-disciplinary artist Rebecca Rutstein and biologist and ecologist Dr. Erik Cordes have been collaborating both at sea on research vessels and on land at Temple University where Erik is professor and vice chair in the department of biology. Their current project is a multi-faceted vision for a coral-inspired, interactive art installation with an ecological purpose.