Lecture Series

Electric Origami Workshop

Play with simple electronics and the art of paper folding. We will explore various origami figures and then activate them with simple motors and lights. After the hands-on portion of the workshop we will discuss the process and background of technological craft in art education: what can we learn from digital materials, and what can we help our students to achieve? 

Sean Justice is an Instructor of Art & Technology at Teachers College, Columbia University. He advises students and faculty on the use of digital technologies in art and education and teaches courses in digital fabrication, creative coding, web design, digital montage, photography and digital fine art printing.

Sponsored by the General Activities Fund of the Art Education and Community Arts Practices Department (AECAP) at Tyler School of Art, Temple University

Contact Dr. Andrea Kantrowitz, andrea.kantrowitz@temple.edu, for more information

Thinking Through Drawing

Dr. Andrea Kantrowitz will be discussing the role of cognitive science in the practice of drawing. Her unique perspective on the way we draw has the potential to change how artists practice, teach, and interpret drawing. 

Dr. Kantrowitz is a visiting faculty in the Art Education and Community Arts Practices department.