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Academic Policies

The Foundations program is a very academically rigorous environment, and there are standards to be met based on quality of work, dedication to the course material, and an overall understanding of the principles of art and design.

Foundations course requirements vary depending on the degree track.  Make sure you fulfill the requirements for your selected program.

There are policies that all students are expected to abide by.  There are general Academic Policies that all Temple students are required to follow, and there are Regulations that are unique to Tyler.  

The grading process for Foundations courses is left to the discretion of the course instructor, but classes also follow a number of general guidelines.  There are course rubrics freely available for review and consultation.

Course Supplies

Complete supply kits for 2D Design, Drawing, and Architecture foundations courses are available for purchase at the Temple University Bookstore.  A variety of high-quality art supplies can be purchased here, and inventory is tailored to fit the general needs of most studio classes.   It is advised to wait until you receive directions from your instructor before purchasing any supplies.  Supply kits include the Following Items.

Kits are priced accordingly:

  • 2D Design - $120
  • Drawing - $155
  • Architecture - $125
  • Intro to Visual Language Painting (ARTU 1101) - $110

There are also a number of Businesses in Philadelphia where additional supplies can be acquired.  

Studio fees, which are included in tuition costs, cover many classroom expenses.  These include expenses such as model fees, field trips, large-scale materials, etc.  However, students are expected to invest in additional supplies to complete assignments and participate in classroom activities.  Instructors will inform students throughout the semester what materials they are expected to obtain.

Displaying Artwork

There are a number of opportunities throughout the year for students to display artwork in and around Tyler. For more information, please visit the Tyler Exhibitions Resources Canvas Site.

If you're interested in exhibiting at Tyler, please contact Kati Gegenheimer, associate director of academic enrichment programs, at Please refer to the Tyler Calendar for exhibition information or subscribe to Tyler's weekly student newsletter, The WHAT.

On-Campus Resources

Studio Availability

Select studios in the 230 Suite at Tyler are available for students outside of scheduled class time, and are open free of charge.  These studios can be utilized for completing assignments or independent work, and are available as long as there is a monitor present.  

For access to specialty studios such as the primtmaking facilities or the woodshop it is necessary to attend a one-day workshop organized through the department.  Workshop dates and times are typically announced at the start of the semester, and attendance is necessary if you want to use the space.

Studio Availability Schedule


For students at Tyler storage space is very minimal.  Standard-size storage lockers are available, but are reserved primarily for students who are commuters.


For access to electronic rentals, 3D printing, and laser cutting services visit the Digital Fabrication Studio.

For access to quality printing services visit the Media Output Center.

For free access to design programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and a number of other programs visit the Tech Center.  Design programs are available on all computers, and there is a designated area in the computer lab specifically for Tyler students.


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