Tyler Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM program defines the term "craft" as, the creation, by an individual, of unique aesthetic forms intended to serve the functional and utilitarian needs of the individuals of a given society. The crafts are categorized by the materials used and the functions performed by the objects.

The faculty in this program undertakes its mission by focusing instruction on the history of object making and the techniques and materials that were developed to meet the needs of society. Distinctions are drawn between the mass produced commodities for a consumer society and the art object for aesthetic experience. There are increasing numbers in our society that require objects to help them express their own individually, in both their surroundings, and apparel. The student is guided to an understanding of this segment in our economy.

These goals are pursued through acquiring traditional technical competencies in our well-equipped studios. The faculty are nationally acknowledged masters of their craft and are therefore capable mentors for the next generation of crafts producers. While firmly grounded in the craft traditions, we see our research and teaching responsibilities as extending to the most current technical innovations. The M/J/C-C program is committed to adopting emerging technologies to advance its discipline. We have established leadership in the application of the computer to the production of 3D objects. Graduate students and advanced undergraduates have extensive opportunities to participate in this ongoing research. This program acknowledges the desire of its students to develop an understanding of the economics of craft production and marketing. To this end, instruction in business practices has become an integral part of the curriculum. The M/J/C-C program assists its students in the transition from student to producing craftsperson.

At the graduate level, students are encouraged to develop personal vision. For the student whose goal is to teach a craft at the college level, preparation is provided through seminar discussions and assignments. Through application procedures, developed by this program's faculty, qualified students are identified for undergraduate teaching duties. These teaching assistants are monitored and mentored by the senior full time faculty. It is in this manner that the program prepares the next generation of Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM artists, teachers, producers and researchers.


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    Alumni Spotlight

    Albert Paley

    Composed Presence, sculpture on Park Avenue by Albert Paley

    TYLER SCHOOL OF ART ALUMNUS ALBERT PALEY INSTALLS 13 OUTDOOR SCULPTURES ON PARK AVE, NYC, Featured here is "Composed Presence," on the Park Avenue median between 63rd and 64th Streets [© Myers Creative Imaging. Courtesy of Paley Studios.] Known for his massive public sculptures shown throughout the world Albert Paley will be honored with the Tyler School of Art and Architecture's Gallery of Success Alumni Award this fall. His current exhibition of 13 massive sculptures up and down Park Ave in New York City is one of his most ambitious projects and is presented by the Fund for Park Avenue's Temporary Public Art Collection and the city's Department of Parks and Recreation. As he explained to Lizzie Simon in the Wall Street Journal, on-line edition, (6/23/13)  "They said I could have all of Park Avenue but I selected the sites within that section because they represent the spectrum, from a financial district, where the sculptures are bolder, through a residential area, where the sculptures are more detailed and intimate."   More