Research and Publications

Planning and Community Development Research and Publications

Recent Funded Research


Brownfields Area-wide Planning Grant (2014-2018)

Funder: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Lynn Mandarano and Jeffrey Doshna (Research team members).


Green Stormwater Infrastructure Assessment, a Philadelphia Case Study (2013-2018)

Funder: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Science to Achieve Results (STAR).  Lynn Mandarano (co-PI).


Green Neighborhood Tool Kit (2014-2016)

Funder: Wells Fargo Regional Foundation/National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, $60,000. Lynn Mandarano (PI).

Publications - Journal Articles


Equitable Distribution of Green Infrastructure: a capacity-based framework for implementation in disadvantaged communities

Mandarano, L. and Meenar, M. (2017), Local Environment


More than just a bus ride: The role of perceptions in travel behaviour

Klein, N. (2016), Urban Affairs


E-Participation: Comparing Trends in Practice and the Classroom

Mandarano, L. and Meenar, M. (2015),  Planning Practice and Research


Civic Engagement Capacity Building: An assessment of the citizen planning academy model of public outreach and education

Mandarano, L. (2015), Journal of Planning Education and Research


Community-Based Organizations in City Environmental Policy Regimes: Lessons from Philadelphia

Stokes, R., Mandarano, L., and Dilworth, R. (2014), Local Environment


Changes in access to public transportation for cycle-transit users in response to service reductions

Flamm, B., Sutula, K., and Meenar, M. (2014), Transport Policy


Application of a Monitoring Plan for Stormwater Control Measures in the Philadelphia Region

Welker, A., Mandarano, L., Greising, K., and Hankins, K. (2013), Journal of Environmental Engineering


Determinants of Bicycle-On-Bus Boardings: A Case Study of the Greater Cleveland RTA

Flamm, B. (2013), Journal of Public Transportation


Adaptive Management and Governance of Delaware River Water Resources

Mandarano, L., and Mason, R. (2013), Water Policy


Constraints to Green Vehicle Ownership: A Focus Group Study

Flamm, B., & Agrawal, A. W. (2012), Transportation Research Part D: Transportation and the Environment


Governance Capacity in Collaborative Watershed Partnerships: Evidence from the Philadelphia Region

Mandarano, L., and Paulsen, K. (2011), Journal of Environmental Planning and Management


Building Social Capital in the Digital Age of Civic Engagement

Mandarano, L., Meenar, M., and Steins, C. (2011), Journal of Planning Literature


Sustainable Land-use Planning: Revitalizing a Flood Prone Office Park

Mandarano, L. (2010), Journal of Environmental Planning and Management


The Impacts of Environmental Knowledge and Attitudes on Vehicle Ownership and Use

Flamm, B. (2009), Transportation Research Part D: Transportation and the Environment


Social Network Analysis of Social Capital in Collaborative Planning

Mandarano, L. (2009), Society and Natural Resources


Evaluating Collaborative Environmental Planning Outputs and Outcomes: Restoring and Protecting Habitat and the New York New Jersey Harbor Estuary Program

Mandarano, L. (2008), Journal of Planning Education and Research


Suitable Housing Placement: A GIS-Based Approach

Sorrentino, J., Meenar, M., and Flamm, B. (2008), Environmental Management


Institutions for Interstate Water Resources Management

Mandarano, L., Featherstone, J., and Paulsen, K. (2008), Journal of American Water Resources Association


Conservation Induced Wastewater Flow Reductions Improve Nitrogen Removal: Evidence from New York City

Paulsen, K., Featherstone, J., and Greene. S. (2007), Journal of American Water Resources Association


Putting the Brakes on “Non-Essential” Travel: 1940s Wartime Mobility, Prosperity, and the U.S. Office of Defense Transportation

Flamm, B. (2006), Journal of Transport History