Visiting Students


Thank you for your interest in Temple University, Tyler School of Art and Architecture.  The following is information pertaining to the Tyler School of Art and Architecture's registration procedures and policies for visiting students who are in degree programs at other colleges and universities.

Temple University, Tyler School of Art and Architecture, welcomes students who are in degree programs at other colleges and universities who wish to enroll in courses on any of our campuses.  In order to register as a visiting student you must submit the following:

  • Copies of all previous transcripts from all post-secondary institutions you've attended (unofficial copies are acceptable).
  • Temple University's Visiting Student Form, which includes your course selection(s) and registration authorization from you home institution.
  • Temple University's Statistical Record Form, which provides us with pertinent demographic information.

In order to register as a Visiting Student:

  • You cannot have been previously admitted to Temple University (if you have you need to apply for readmission into the last Temple school or college program in which you were matriculated).
  • You cannot have been denied admission from Temple University (unless you have completed a bachelor’s degree elsewhere).
  • You must have a 2.8 minimum cumulative GPA.
  • You must have documentation of completion for all pre-requisites for the course(s) you request per the Temple University, Tyler School of Art and Architecture.
  • The course must have an open seat at the time of registration.  Non-matriculated students may not register for courses until the first week of the semester.
  • If the course requires special authorization the appropriate academic department must submit approval. Admissions will contact the appropriate faculty - non-matriculated students should not contact the faculty directly.
  • We suggest reviewing the Undergraduate CE Student Online Orientation. Tyler offerings will be updated each semester.

Students will submit all the required forms and information to the Tyler Admissions Office.  If the admissions committee (which includes departmental faculty) approves the request, the Admissions Office will notify the Advising Office, and the Advising Office will contact the student to the register them for the course(s).

Additional lab fees are charged for courses where materials are provided.

There will be a computer technology fee charge based on the number of credits you take.  

Students can review course descriptions and availability at

For registration information and required forms, please go to

For questions regarding the process, please contact:
Tyler School of Art and Architecture Admissions Office: