Credit-bearing Courses for Non-Degree Seekers

Thank you for your interest in Temple University, Tyler School of Art and Architecture.  Here you will find general information pertaining to Tyler's registration procedures and policies for credit-bearing courses.  For more detailed information please visit one of the following:

Selecting a Course

There are many Tyler courses open to non-degree seeking students.  Each semester available course offerings are listed at:  These typically include non-majors courses in the fields of:

  • Architecture
  • Art
  • Art Education
  • Art History
  • Art Therapy
  • Crafts
  • Film & Media Arts
  • Graphic Art & Design
  • Horticulture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Painting & Drawing & Sculpture
  • Planning & Community Development
  • Visual Studies

Students who wish to take a Tyler course that is restricted or has pre-requisites must submit the Tyler Course Request form and will be required to submit a portfolio via SlideRoom if it is a studio course.  


If approved by Tyler Admissions to take credit bearing courses, non-matriculated students, visiting students from other institutions, and Temple students* may begin to register for courses during the first week of classes.  If a matriculated student requires the class selected, and the class is full, registration may be withdrawn.  This action will be taken during the first days of the new semester after the final enrollment figures are available.  If this is necessary, the school will make every effort to assist the student in finding an alternative class or, failing that, refund tuition (non-matriculated and visiting students only).

Requesting Official Transcripts (when required).  Transcript information is available through the Registrar's Office.

Fees and tuition are to be paid in full to the Bursar.  Please visit the Bursar's Office for payment instructions.

Degree-seeking non-matriculated undergraduate students are required to apply for admission to a degree program before they complete 30 credits.  Acceptance of non-matriculating credit is not guaranteed.

For students interested in applying to a graduate program: Non-matriculated graduate students who plan to apply to a graduate degree program will be advised by the department of interest as to their eligibility.  Students are required to apply for admission to a degree program before they complete 9 credits.  While a maximum of 9 credits may be transferable into a Tyler degree, acceptance of non-matriculating credit is not guaranteed.

*Matriculated Temple students may self-register at any time for any classes open to students at the university.  For a complete list of courses that are being offered for the upcoming semester that have no restrictions, please go to

Admission to the Tyler School of Art and Architecture

Non-matriculated students who wish to matriculate must apply through normal channels by contacting our Office of Admissions.  Be advised that Temple University is under no obligation to accept non-matriculated students into degree-granting programs.  If admitted to a Tyler School of Art and Architecture studio program (BFA, Architecture, Art Education, Art Therapy, Landscape Architecture, Visual Studies), the level of placement in the studio sequence (i.e., freshman, sophomore, etc.) is based on accrued studio credits and portfolio review.  It is important to understand that advanced placement is not based solely on the total number of studio credits.  The overall quality of the portfolio is an important determining factor for Tyler programs requiring portfolio admission. 

For more information please contact:
Tyler School of Art and Architecture Admissions Office