Academic Advising

Tyler students begin their education with an orientation session.  This session helps to orient students to the resources and services provided by Temple University.  One of the most important resources for Tyler students is the academic advising staff.

The Academic Advising staff will help you chart your course through your degree program and major, discuss academic electives, and all the policies and procedures regarding registration, withdrawals, changes of major and leaves of absence.

Academic Advising maintains a physical file of important documentation regarding your academic progress, but the University also provides digital tools to guide you, including the DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System).  Undergraduate students and their advisors use the DARS to plan and track a student’s academic career at Temple.  Click for more information about the DARS.

Each student receives access to the TUPortal. Advising session notes are posted in the Portal, along with important announcements about registration deadlines.  Additional information pertinent to matriculation is forwarded by the University to students’ tumail accounts (that’s why it’s SO important to remember to check your Temple email!).

Another helpful tool is the University’s Undergraduate Bulletin.  All Tyler programs, including a suggested 8-semester grid, can be found HERE.

Your faculty are also an invaluable resource for specific information about your major as well as about graduate school or preparation for a future career.

Another resource to check out is the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Study page.  You will find all sorts of resources there, including forms to change your major or petition to take summer courses at your local community college.

So please make plans to visit your academic advisor at least once per year, to make sure that you’re on track.  Students who plan to study abroad need to plan early, ideally before the beginning of the sophomore year.

Registering for Tyler Courses

Students who have been accepted to Tyler will go through an orientation process to review the registration process.

Non-Temple students who wish to register for Tyler courses should go to the Continuing Education website and review the process:

Temple students who wish to register for Tyler courses should review the courses open to all Temple students in the gray box to the right.  Students who wish to get into restricted courses need to contact the Tyler Admissions office for information on the process.

Academic Advising, Suite 212, Tyler Building: 215-777-9229

If you are a current student who would like to make an appointment, please sign into the online appointment system. Please note that during peak registration times, including Priority Registration, the office will utilize same day advising appointments, which allow students to come to the office that day to sign up for a 15 minute time slot. 

Kathy Peters, Senior Academic Advisor:

Taheerah Entsuah, Academic Advisor:

Marissa Georgiou, Academic Advisor:

David Logan, Director, Academic Advising:

Elizabeth Fever, Student Services Assistant: