Assessment is a key element for institutions of higher education. Accrediting bodies are concerned that careful thought and efforts are an integral part of the assessment process, including the articulation of learning goals, ongoing programs of assessment, and explanations of how assessment results will be used to improve programs of study.

The Tyler School of Art and Architecture is deeply committed to exploring assessment strategies, specific to the arts. Critical to the School is the development and refinement of courses that prepare students for a global environment in their specific art discipline, as well as prepare students within the framework of general intellectual awareness. Assessment is an opportunity to reevaluate the stated learning outcomes of each program, providing useful insight into areas of pedagogy and development that may not have been studied in such a way before.

The purpose of this webpage is to create awareness of the resources and the strategies for assessment within art disciplines and to make this information accessible. Click here to view program goals

Below are links to each program's individual assessment information