Degrees Offered

BFA in Printmaking

Tyler’s undergraduate Printmaking program prepares students to seize opportunities by exposing them to a wide range of concepts and techniques, and by focusing on career development while students are still in school.

The program is housed in large, modern, fully equipped studios where students first learn the fundamentals of the four printmaking disciplines (relief, intaglio, lithography, and silkscreen) before exploring at least two of these disciplines in depth. Advanced projects include color, photo processes, large-scale printing, installation, and digital printmaking.

Students interact closely with faculty, who are all practicing artists, and MFA students, who often work side-by-side with BFAs in the group studios. Graduate and undergraduate students alike are inspired by each other’s work, and exposure to the MFA experience often gives Printmaking BFA students an unusually sophisticated sensibility. The Printmaking program at Tyler places strong emphasis on interdisciplinary work and students at all levels are encouraged to take advantage of the departments around them, a practice that results in dynamic work stimulated by the fusion of printmaking with fields such as photography, painting, fibers, or sculpture for example.

BFA students are encouraged to delve into Philadelphia’s rich cultural resources, as well as to explore the museums, galleries, and art scene in New York City and Washington, D.C. Many students also take advantage of Tyler’s outstanding program in Rome during one of their junior semesters.

The program prepares students for life after graduation through the Art Career Workshop, which provides a practical foundation for a professional career in any of the visual arts, and the Senior Projects Workshop, which focuses on the production of a formally presented print project portfolio.

BFA in Printmaking with Entrepreneurial Studies

Are you interested in developing skills in entrepreneurship to pair with your creativity in the studio? In partnership with the Fox School of Business at Temple, Tyler offers a BFA with Entrepreneurial Studies degree for studio art majors in any discipline who want to learn what it takes to support themselves and broaden their career options. Designed to complement your studio experience, the program’s coursework is a focused and interdisciplinary blend of art, art history, business, entrepreneurship and other courses, as well as open electives.You’ll learn skills that will allow you to work and collaborate across sectors, and you’ll graduate prepared to create your own path.

MFA in Printmaking

“Asking questions about your work and being willing to examine those questions intensely is the basis of our program. Over the course of two years this process will yield challenges as well as exciting developments in your work,” says Professor Hester Stinnett. “In Printmaking we support this effort by keeping our classes small and focusing on each individual artist in our program.”

One element of the program that often influences shifts in direction is the emphasis on interdisciplinary work. Printmaking MFAs are encouraged to study photography or sculpture for example, and to blend the skills and aesthetics of those areas with their own.

To that end, Tyler’s graduate printmakers explore a broad range of approaches to the field including the traditional printmaking disciplines, photo processes, digital print media, large-scale printmaking, and 3D installation. MFA students have a separate fully equipped print studio with 24-hour access, as well as access to the three large undergraduate studios equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Additionally, graduate students have semi-private studios. Students also have the option of spending up to two semesters working abroad in the print studios at Temple University Rome.

Faculty members, who are all practicing artists themselves, work closely and collegially with graduate students, and also invest significant time in their students’ career progress, from interview coaching and career development workshops to guidance assembling professional portfolios.