Student Achievements

Individual and Group Student Scholarships, Awards...

The work of individual students and groups of students in Planning and Community Development is routinely recognized as meritorious by external organizations such as the local chapter of the American Planning Association.  Of note, since 2010 the final report produced the Graduate Planning Studio course has received awards.  Recent awards include:


American Planning Association

2017 American Institute of Certified Planners Outstanding Student Award, Randall Rook

2016 American Institute of Certified Planners Outstanding Student Award, J. Mark Huber

2016 Tranportation Planning Division Paper Competition Award, Leonard Bonarek


American Planning Association, Pennsylvania Chapter Scholarships

2016 Francis Pitkin Scholarship, Corey Brown

2015 Jerry S. Walls Scholarship, J. Mark Huber

2014 Leslie and Greta Spaulding Scholarship, Brian Blacker

2103 Scholarship, Brian Refford

2013 Scholarship, Matthew Zochowski*

2012 Leslie and Greta Spaulding Scholarship, Charles Doyle

2012 Scholarship, Brian Refford

2010 Scholarship, Kara Kalupson

2010 Scholarship, Michael LoStocco

2009 Irving Hand Scholarship, Brandon Porinchak

2007 Irving Hand Scholarship, Angela Watson

2006 Irving Hand Scholarship, Mark Stivers


American Planning Association, Pennsylvania Chapter, Southeast Section Awards

2016 1st Place Group Paper, Community Engagement in North Kensington, Graduate Planning Studio

2016 2nd Place Group Paper, Division Street Revitalization, Graduate Planning Studio

2015 1st Place Group Paper, Addressing Brownfields: An Inventory & Redevelopment Plan for Southwest Philadelphia, Graduate Planning Studio

2015 1st Place Individual Paper, Strategic Plan for Hawthorne Community Development Corporation, by Jason Hachadorian

2014 1st Place Group Paper, The Point Breeze Avenue Action Plan, Graduate Planning Studio

2014 2nd Place Group Paper, Gentrification Trends in Philadelphia, by Enrique Rivera & Jason Hachadorian

2013 1st Place Group Paper, Aging with Our Communities: An Aging in-Place Plan for Montgomery County, by the Graduate and Undergraduate Planning Studio

2012 1st Place Group Paper, Chester Remakes: A Strategic Plan to Green and Grow Chester, by the Graduate Planning Studio

2012 Group Paper Certificate of Merit, Complete Streets: A Framework for Northern Lancaster, by the Graduate Planning Studio

2012 1st Place Individual Paper, HOPE VI Integrating New Urbanism and Transit-Oriented Design to Promote Self-Sufficiency, by Christina Mortensen

2011 1st Place Group Paper for Philadelphia Prison System Campus Study, Graduate Planning Studio

2010 1st Place Group Paper, Stormwater Management Plan for the Village of the Arts and Humanities, Graduate Planning Studio

2010 2nd Place Individual Paper, Planning for the Immigrant City, by Melissa Kim

2009 3rd Place Individual Paper, Where the Sidewalk Ends: Pedestrian Mobility in Ambler, Final Project for Introduction to GIS

2008 2nd Place Individual Paper Spatial Analysis of Food Insecurity and Hunger Relief, Final Project for Advanced GIS

2006 1st Place Individual Paper, Penn's Landing Case Study: Building on What Works, by John Frederico


American Public Transportation Foundation

2017 James Cowen Scholarship, Abigail Lowe


Presidential Management Fellowship Program

2014 Fellow, Matt Smith
2013 Fellow, Brandon Porinchak
2013 Semi-Finalist, Lindsey Graham
2012 Fellow, Christina Mortensen


Temple University-Wagner Free Institute of Science

2016 Temple University-Wagner Free Institute of Science Humanities & Arts Research Fellowship, Randall Rook


Temple University, Graduate School Fellowship

2013 Jason Hachadorian
2011 Brian Olszak
2009 Matthew Popek
2006 Edward Kako, PhD


Urban Land Institute

2017 Future Leaders Scholarship, Abigail Lowe

2016 Future Leaders Scholarsip, Rhianon Wright


Women's Transportation Seminar, Philadelphia Chapter

2013 Mary Ellen Dietrick-Horn Graduate Scholarship, Jenna Oskowitz
2012 Carmen E. Turner Graduate Scholarship, Lindsay Graham 


* denotes undergraduate student