Tyler Laptop and Computer Policy

Are laptops/computers required?

  • Tylers Graphic Design and Architecture programs have a required laptop policy.  Please read the details below to find out more about this requirement.
  • Specific computers are not required for any other Tyler program. 

What are the hardware and software requirements for Graphic Design?

See Requirements Here

What are the hardware and software requirements for Architecture?

See Requirements Here

Other Majors: Recommendations for freshman

It is best that students spend a year at Tyler before deciding on what technology they need.  The requirements will vary greatly depending on what work you will be doing on your computer.  Video editing and CAD will require a high end system, photography and image editing a mid range and Microsoft Office and Internet is fine on a low end system.  Mac or PC is up to each individual.  You can find general purchasing guidelines here 

General information

  • Microsoft 365 is available for all Temple students, faculty and staff for FREE. Students can download and install the software on up to five PCs or Macs via TUportal. For details on the programs included, see the Microsoft 365 information page.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud is also available for all Temple students, faculty and staff for FREE. Creative Cloud includes apps such as Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and more. For details on how to obtain the software, see the ITS Adobe Creative Cloud page.
  • Print on the Go Mobile allows students to submit print requests by emailing their attachments to owlprint@temple.edu from any mobile device.
  • Zoom offers students (and faculty and staff) the convenience of meeting with classmates online to complete group projects. This is also an excellent resource to keep in mind this winter. In lieu of cancelling class due to weather, consider scheduling the class online using this web conferencing service.

Suggested Laptop Vendors

Students and faculty of Temple University are capable of receiving certain educational discounts through particular vendors.

Buy used PC’s

Computer Recycling Center

For any questions please feel free to email Tyler IT support: tylerhelp@temple.edu