Lecture Series

Eustacia Brossart: Climate Positive Design: Going Beyond Neutral

Landscape Architect Eustacia Brossart helped develop the landscape carbon calculator Pathfinder tool and the Climate Positive Design Challenge. Through investigations into the infrastructural possibilities of landscape, interwoven with design, ecology, and community, Brossart has traveled around the world - translating her background in cinema production and art direction into a passion for creating dynamic landscapes. 

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Image courtesy of Climate Positive Design, courtesy of CMG Landscape Architecture.

Leslie Sauer: The Once and Future Forest

Leslie Sauer, a founder emeritus of Andropogon Associates, is a pioneer in the field of restoring and managing native landscapes. This talk confronts the major hurdles to sustaining and restoring our native landscapes as well as the actions we can take to enhance landscape resilience.

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Lecture: Tyler's Rob Kuper

Rob Kuper is a professional landscape architect and an associate professor at the Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University. Among many things, his lecture will draw parallels between COVID-19 and the climate crisis, particularly regarding the individual and collective actions within and outside of the practice and study of architecture and environmental design.

Lecture: "The radical reality of the future: Comparing COVID-19 and the climate emergency, inside and outside of architecture and environmental design"


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    2021-04-08 4:00pm
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