April 27, 2017

The Tyler Carnival is Back!

Author: Kylie Doyle

Free food. Inflatable rides. Temporary tattoos. Cotton Candy Stand. Did I mention free food? If any of those seem appealing to you, you should make your way to Tyler on May 2nd, 2017 between 1 and 4pm! The Tyler Carnival is back once again for another day of free food, fun, and de-stressing during study days for the hardworking students at Temple. Read More

October 12, 2016

Call for Submissions! Tyler Continuing Education 2017 Summer Poster

Author: Laura Hricko

Tyler Continuing Education is looking for artwork submissions from the Tyler student body for our 2017 Pre-College Summer Programs Poster.  All media and styles are welcome. Painting, photography, graphic design, sculpture, we are open to all art mediums. We encourage you to be creative! We are looking for fun, vibrant artwork that expresses art making and enjoying the summertime in Philadelphia. If you can create something that embodies that, feel free to submit! These posters are shared with thousands of individuals and schools nationwide and will make a great addition to your portfolio. You will be credited for your work on the poster. Artwork image must be 8.25" wide by 17" high.  This is the image that falls between the header and footer text. *The text is handled by our graphic designer.  Submissions are due by December 5th, 2016 Read More

October 16, 2015

Leah Modigliani Solo Exhibition at Confederation Centre Art Gallery

Author: Ryan Hewlett

Leah Modigliani, Assistant Professor of Visual Studies, has a solo exhibition of new work on display at Confederation Centre Art Gallery in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Washington D.C., 1939; Basel, 1957; Paris, 1958; Berkeley, 1969; Chicago, 1969; London, 1969 includes new sculpture and photography based on historical press photographs of civic protests over the course of the twentieth-century. The exhibition runs Oct. 3, 2015 - Feb. 13, 2016.     Read More

September 10, 2015

reForm Exhibition at Tyler

Author: Kylie Doyle

In the basement of Tyler, a community comes together to mourn the loss of something that they held dear. People pass one another, exchanging hugs and shouts of surprised joy, happy to see old friends. Children run through the halls, playing tag and catching up with friends they had been separated from for a long while. The smell of Puerto Rican food fills the air, and there are only a few people who are not in line for sweet plantains with rice and meat. All of these people are gathered together for the opening of the reForm exhibition, created by Pepón Osorio in the spirit of the Fairhill community to draw attention to the closing of their school, and many other Philadelphia schools in the midst of the Philadelphia school crisis. In Philadelphia, many public schools are struggling. In an attempt to close the budget gap, the school district voted to close many public institutions across the city. Read More

February 19, 2015

Student Opportunities: Free Bus Trip to The National Gallery

Author: Kylie Doyle

At Tyler, there are many opportunities that students can take advantage of. So, when I was provided with a couple of last-minute tickets to go to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. for a day trip, I was absolutely thrilled. The bus left bright and early at eight-thirty. Since my eight AM classes had been left in the memories of last semester, it was more than a little bit difficult to crawl out of bed and trudge to the corner of Thirteenth and Diamond, where a coach bus sat waiting to take a crowd of lucky students on their small adventure. The orange juice in my hand began to awaken my still-sleeping brain, and five minutes after our designated departure time we pulled into Broad street and began to drive towards D. C. The trip fell just thirty minutes short of four hours, more than enough time for me to become overexcited about the outing. Read More

February 19, 2015

Alumni Association President Shares Her Story

Author: Kylie Doyle

For some students, graduation is a distant event in the eventual future. For others, graduation is nearing quickly, and they are beginning to make plans for life after Tyler. Soon, they will become Tyler alumni. Many, including myself, are curious about life after Tyler. I was given an opportunity to speak with the President of Tyler’s Alumni Association, Tiffany Tavarez, who provided an interesting perspective into some of the ways that graduates can stay involved in their school. Read More

November 21, 2014

Center for the Arts Students Begin Scholarship Campaign

Author: Kylie Doyle

There is a scholarship fund on the horizon for students who have a creative voice that needs to be heard.  The Dean’s Student Advisory Committee of the Center of the Arts has announced that they will be taking donations for their newest project, an advocacy scholarship for LGBTQIA+ students at Temple University.  Despite the strides that have been taken in national as well as local policy regarding the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community, many teens within it still face a great deal of societal adversity. As many as 42% of LGBTQIA+ youth report feeling unaccepted in their communities. These students struggle to thrive both academically and creatively in an environment that is both hostile and oppressive.  However, it is movements and funds such as this that allow these students to thrive in an environment where they are free to express themselves and to get the education that they deserve.  Read More