Architecture +1 Option

Architecture studio review

Tyler Architecture's +1 Program is an accelerated degree track leading to a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a professional Master of Architecture degree.

+ 1 Program students will complete the requirements for both degrees in five years including two summer semesters of graduate coursework. This program consists of a minimum of 111 semester hours of undergraduate course work, a maximum of 12 semester hours of graduate coursework to count towards both the undergraduate and the graduate degrees. Upon successful completion of the fourth year, students will receive a Bachelor of Science in Architecture. At the end of the contiguous fifth year (including two summers), students will receive a Master of Architecture degree.

Guidelines for admission to the +1 Program include:

  • Enroll as a Bachelor of Science in Architecture student
  • Obtain a minimum 3.25 cumulative grade point average in at least 45 credits of coursework taken at Temple
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA once enrolled in the program
  • Receive at least a B in each graduate level course
  • Complete the Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree in the first four years while maintaining full-time undergraduate status and not register for an overload (over 18 total credits)
  • Complete the combined baccalaureate and master's program in five contiguous years
  • Complete the Master of Architecture application by December 1 of the 4th year (The GRE will be waived for 4+1 students.)

Students will take no more than one graduate course in any one undergraduate semester. They will take the following 12 credits of graduate coursework to fulfill twelve elective credits of undergraduate degree requirements. 

ARCH 5252, Structural Design I (3 cr)
ARCH 5351 Environmental Systems I (3 cr)
ARCH 8011 Advanced Architectural Design (6 cr)