Historic Preservation

Tyler Architecture's Bachelor of Science in Historic Preservation centers on preservation design and addresses issues of cultural heritage and community based preservation.

The program is well suited for students interested in research and application of architectural and historical knowledge. The degree offers an introduction to historic preservation, the agencies and frameworks within which it is carried out locally, nationally, and internationally, and examines a number of global, national and local case studies. It offers an overview of research methods utilized in preservation practice and requires that students undertake an in depth capstone research investigation of a selected case study. Graduates of the program will be equipped to work under the supervision of an architect or an architectural historian to document historical buildings, undertake archival research or other more general aspects of architectural practice not requiring licensure. They may qualify to apply for graduate studies in architecture, historic preservation or a related discipline at another institution.

The Bachelor of Science in Historic Preservation is a guaranteed degree path for all undergraduate students in the Architecture Department in good standing in the University at the end of their second year.