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February 27, 2015

A ‘fine line between disgust and attraction’ Glass Alumna Doreen Garner

Author: kclements

Doreen Garner (Tyler Glass BFA 2009) featured in Temple News. Angela Gervasi of Temple news interviews Garner on her current show Shiny/Red/Pumping at Vox Populi. Garner is a Philadelphia native who has gone on to complete her MFA in glass at Rhode Island School of Design and was a resident at the prestigious Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. You can read more of the article on Garner here:   Garner's show Shiny/Red/ Pumping is on view at Vox Populi till March 1st. Read More

February 25, 2015

Dr. Lisa Kay Featured in Temple News

Author: jamieforslund

Firefly Illuminations, Dr. Lisa Kay's work with Carson Valley Children's Aid, was on show at the Woodmere Museum until February 22nd, 2015. Temple News attended the reception and interviewed Dr. Kay and her student subjects. Watch the inspiring video through the link below: Read More

February 19, 2015

Student Opportunities: Free Bus Trip to The National Gallery

Author: Kylie Doyle

At Tyler, there are many opportunities that students can take advantage of. So, when I was provided with a couple of last-minute tickets to go to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. for a day trip, I was absolutely thrilled. The bus left bright and early at eight-thirty. Since my eight AM classes had been left in the memories of last semester, it was more than a little bit difficult to crawl out of bed and trudge to the corner of Thirteenth and Diamond, where a coach bus sat waiting to take a crowd of lucky students on their small adventure. The orange juice in my hand began to awaken my still-sleeping brain, and five minutes after our designated departure time we pulled into Broad street and began to drive towards D. C. The trip fell just thirty minutes short of four hours, more than enough time for me to become overexcited about the outing. Read More

February 19, 2015

Alumni Association President Shares Her Story

Author: Kylie Doyle

For some students, graduation is a distant event in the eventual future. For others, graduation is nearing quickly, and they are beginning to make plans for life after Tyler. Soon, they will become Tyler alumni. Many, including myself, are curious about life after Tyler. I was given an opportunity to speak with the President of Tyler’s Alumni Association, Tiffany Tavarez, who provided an interesting perspective into some of the ways that graduates can stay involved in their school. Read More

February 17, 2015

Interning at The Philadelphia City Planning Commission: Working on Board with the 2035 Plan

Author: Emily Furlong

Written by Andrea J Smith, BS Arch Preservation '15 The Philadelphia City Planning Commission has been working hard to make their 2035 plan a reality that will benefit the entire community. This plan’s three themes of Thrive, Connect, and Renew focus on specific categories within the city that can be improved. From land development to improving transportation to preserving historic sites, the 2035 plan has the ultimate goal of creating a more livable and enjoyable experience for the inhabitants as well as visitors in Philadelphia. Read More

February 16, 2015

Foundations Faculty: Nichola Kinch & Love Stories

Author: Yen Dinh

Nichola Kinch, an Assistant Professor of Foundation and Visual Studies, recently had her exhibition at the University of Rochester’s Hartnett Gallery. The exhibition, “Love Stories”, is a collection of animation machines, photographs, and optical devices that presents a rarified image of nature. Each object offers an illusion: a grove of 10 foot trees that appear real but are flat, a phenaksitascope that is dressed up as the moon, and a flock of birds whose flight is powered by a manual crank. Through these objects, and the images they create, Kinch draws parallels between the mediated photographic experience and the construction of romantic thought in regards to experiences of nature and others. Read More

February 16, 2015

GAID Student Cassandra Reffner Wins Fox Business School Infographic Competition

Author: Alexander Barnett

Cassandra Reffner, Class of 2016, has a confession to make: She doesn’t know the difference between averages and medians, and she only understands Microsoft Excel’s most basic functions. But that didn’t stop the graphic design student from winning the $2,500 grand prize at the second annual Temple Analytics Challenge. The monthlong competition, organized by the Institute for Business and Information Technology in the Fox School of Business, tasks students with making sense of data through visualizations and infographics. The 20 finalist presentations for the monthlong competition took place in November in Alter Hall. Students presented their work before a panel of professional judges, including representatives from QVC, Campbell Soup Co. and RJMetrics. Read More

February 13, 2015

"Figure-8's on Your Body" Feb. 2 - 21 in Tyler's Lower Atrium Gallery

Author: Sam Fritch

Tyler MFA Alumna and Adjunct Faculty, Sharon Koelblinger, has an exhibition of work installed in the Tyler Lower Atrium Gallery. The show is titled Figure-8's on Your Body. It's up now and will run until February 21. - See more at: Read More

February 12, 2015

Kate Clements in American Art Collector Magazine

Author: somara

American Art Collector Magazine does a preview of the touring Bullseye Emerge/Evolve show that Kate Clements' (2nd year glass MFA) Untitled (WALL) piece won the academic award for last year. The exhibit has been on tour since last spring showing in the Bullseye galleries in Portland, OR and the Bay Area, the Pittsburgh Glass Center, and the final installment will be at the Bellevue Arts Museum in Washington. Read More

February 11, 2015

The Review Panel Philadelphia to discuss Kate Clements and Robyn Weatherly Solo Shows at Philadelphia Art Alliance

Author: somara

The Review Panel Philadelphia, hosted by PAFA in association with, is a yearly series of four panel discussions hosted by The Review Panel founder, New York arts critic and writer David Cohen. All lectures are free of charge and take place in the Hamilton Auditorium of PAFA's Historic Landmark Building, 6 - 8 p.m. Join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #PAFAReview. On Wednesday, February 18, David Cohen will be joined by guest panelists David Dempewolf, Judith Stein, and Joan Waltemath to discuss the following exhibitions: Read More

February 6, 2015

Dr. Therese Dolan quoted in New Yorker, Feb 9, 2015

Author: Jane DeRose Evans

  Eyes and Ears At the Metropolitan Museum, early music in the galleries. BY ALEX ROSS The idea that music can somehow reverberate from the flat, dumb surface of a painting is a recurring conceit of art history, whether in the angel concerts of the Renaissance or in the abstract syncopation of Mondrian’s “Broadway Boogie-Woogie.” Likewise, concertgoers have often perceived images in the invisible fabric of sound. As the historian Therese Dolan observes, Charles Baudelaire exhibited both kinds of synesthesia, listening to paintings by Delacroix (“The admirable chords of his color often make one dream of harmony and melody”) and gazing upon the orchestral music of Wagner (“an immense horizon and a wide diffusion of light”).  Read More