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Back to Blog January 28, 2019

Adjunct Professor Frances Beaver in SITE Seeing at Little Berlin

Author: tuj81552
Little Berlin

SITE Seeing is a show about challenging the constructs of time and space and the potential to create new realities. Shifting possibilities of the real offers political agency and promise of new utopias. It is easy for us to imagine what could go wrong; and to see what has already gone wrong, but while we fight for a better world, it’s important to dream about what could be. The artists in this show slice through the fabric of reality to give us a glimpse of what could be on the other side.

Lani Asuncion
Frances Beaver
Phaedra Call
Juliana Foster
Josh Graupera
Ron Tarver
Ellie Tomlinson
Zines from Martaleah Sandler, Josh Graupera and Metropolarity


Opening night performances
7:30 pm Frances Beaver
8:00 pm Lani Asuncion

Closing reception: Saturday December 1st from 6-9pm
Closing night performances:
7:00pm readings by Metropolarity
8:00pm screening of “” by Frances Beaver