Art History

Back to Blog October 18, 2022

Art History's presence at the annual American Society for Overseas Research conference

Author: Jane DeRose Evans

At the annual meeting, a gathering of archaeologists, art historians, philologists, epigraphers and historians interested in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, Dr. Muge Durusu will be presenting a paper, "Curating the Past: Cities and Ancestral Nostalgia in the Hittite Empire" (co-authored by N. Ilgi Gercek) at the in-person meeting on November 17. Dr. Jane DeRose Evans has organized and will be moderating a workshop, "Cultural Heritage, Contested Heritage: A Workshop Organized by the ASOR Cultural Heritage Committee", of which she is the committee chair. This workshop will take place at the virtual section of the ASOR meetings, October 20.