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Back to Blog June 4, 2020

Awards for Summer/Fall 2020 Research Grants

Author: Jane DeRose Evans

Congratulations to the awardees of the Dr. Marcia Hall Art History Research Awards

Flavia Barbarini (PhD)  Italian Drawings from the 1450s and 1550s in American Graphic Collections: A Survey

Jessica Braum (MA) Kim Lim in London and Singapore

Marlise Brown (PhD)  The Markgrafin’s Two Bodies: The Architecture and Performance of Wilhelmine’s Bayreuth

Maeve Coudrelle (PhD)  The Imprint of Pan-Americanism: Chilean Graphic Biennials

Elizabeth Duntemann (PhD)  Discourses of infirmity in Southern Europe

Sara Potts (MA)  Taller de Gráfica Popular

Erin Riley-Lopez (PhD)  Queering the Museum: Utopian Futurity in Contemporary Exhibitions

Tyler Rockey (PhD)  Latin instruction

Brittany Strupp (PhD)  Robert Henri in Washington DC and Nebraska;