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Back to Blog July 18, 2023

Curating an upcoming exhibit at the Berman Museum at Ursinus

Author: Jane DeRose Evans
Jessica Braum Danielle Cooke and Brittany Rubin laying out prints

This past spring nine Art History graduate students and alumni co-curated a print exhibition for the Berman Museum at Ursinus College, whose Executive Director (Lauren McCardel) is a current doctoral student in our program and whose Collections Manager, Catherine Sirizzotti, is one of our MA alumni. The students acting as co-curators are: Jessica Braum (PhD student), Danielle Cooke (MA alum 23), Natalie Cruz (MA alum 23), Emma Holter (PhD student), Rachael Reynolds (PhD student), Samantha Rhodes (PhD student), Brittany Rubin (PhD student), Alexandra Schoolman (PhD student), and Jessica Sternbach (PhD candidate).

Printmaking | Worldmaking presents a selection of over 100 prints old and new that engage in acts of worldmaking. The exhibition is divided into thematic sections pertaining to different aspects of worldmaking and its possibilities as they relate to storytelling and cultural memory; defining identities; establishing a sense of place; capturing transitory effects and moments in time; and contemplating the generative power of print and its component parts. The exhibition runs from July 20-Dec. 17, 2023. To learn more about the show and related programming this fall: