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Back to Blog March 29, 2022

Dr. Alpesh Patel to give art history Zoom seminar at the University of Hong Kong

Author: Jane DeRose Evans

The lecture, "Queer Chinese Feminist Archipelago: Shanghai, Miami, and San Francisco" will be given March 31, 2022 at 7:30 PM (Hong Kong time, 7:30 AM EST): for the Zoom link, click on

Martinican-born poet and theoretician Édouard Glissant suggests that a shift to “archipelagic thinking” can allow one to see the world metaphorically as a collection of islands connected to each other. Foregrounding the body and affect, I will consider the exhibition WOMEN 我們, organized by Abby Chen, that traveled from Shanghai (2011) to San Francisco (2012) and Miami (2013) through what I refer to as “archipelagic feeling.” WOMEN 我們 explored queer Chinese feminism, and in a nod to cities where the venues were located, the curators expanded the checklist at each leg of the tour. In this way, the curators aimed not to essentialize or center queer Chinese feminism but productively connect it to (for example) Latinx subjectivities and Asian-American feminist concerns. In so doing, I suggest this exhibition offers a new framework for thinking about the transnational through both queerness and creolization.